Week 2 Picksheet

Choose your picks and rank them 1 through 16. Correct picks will be awarded the confidence points you assign. The line will be added to (or subtracted from if negative) the home teams final score to determine the winner against the line. In the case of a tie on the line either pick will be awarded points.

Home Line Away
Jacksonville -10.5 Atlanta
Pittsburgh -9.5 Buffalo
Cleveland 0 Cincinnati
N.Y. Giants -1.5 Green Bay
Tennessee 7 Indianapolis
Tampa Bay 3 New Orleans
St.Louis 0 San Francisco
Carolina -6.5 Houston
Miami 3.5 Dallas
Detroit -3 Minnesota
Arizona 0 Seattle
Chicago -12 Kansas City
Baltimore 0 N.Y. Jets
Denver -9.5 Oakland
New England -3.5 San Diego
Philadelphia -7 Washington

Monday Night Total

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