What is a confidence pool?

A confidence pool is when values are assigned to each game based on the confidence in the correct choice of winner in each game and then points assigned according to those values.

There are up to 16 games played each week. The values 1 through 16 must be assigned to each game. You should assign 16 points to the game you are most confident you will pick correctly. If you do pick that game correctly you will get 16 points. The game you are least confident about your pick should be assigned a value of 1. If you get it correct you will earn 1 point. Each value may only be used once.

In weeks that have less than 16 games the the lower numbers will be dropped from the values that can be assigned. i.e. In weeks that have 14 games you must assign values 3 through 16 to each of the 14 games.