Friesema Office Pool

The documents below besides the pick sheet are currently just examples. Once the season has begun they will be updated weekly with current information. Your first week you may use any username you choose, from then on you must submit using that same name to ensure you get credit for your picks.

This weeks pick sheet - Enter your picks here. Sheet will be updated every Tuesday for the following weekends games. Due by the start of the first game each week.

Season Player Rankings - See how everyone is doing in the pool so far.

Weekly Player Rankings - See how everyone did in the most recent week's pool.

Player Picks - Everyone's picks for the current week. Will be updated by Sunday afternoon after the games have begun. See how you did compared to everyone else.

Smack Room - Get news, updates, changes, and of course do a little smack talking all right here. (You must register on this forum to use it.)

Playoff Schedule - See how it comes down to just one player.


What is a confidence pool?
How do I fill out the form?
What is the line?
What if I don't turn in my picks one week?
What if the line causes the result of a game to be tied?