Equipment for the High Country

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This page will focus only on equipment, refer to the clothing section for information on recommended clothing.

This is one of the more challenging topics to approach with regards to preparation for the high country. Few people agree on what is necessary and what is best. The discussion below is simply my opinions based on my experience. It is not possible for me to have tried every peice of equipment available or every situation conceivable. I will try to deal in generalities so you may come to your own decisions about what works best for you, but in some circumstances I will give specific examples to help illustrate a point.

Equipment can make or break an expedition. Too much can slow the pace, yet too little can bring it to an early end. I have tried to break equipment down into different catergories of need. When choosing your equipment keep in mind that personal abilities, comfort levels, and budgets affect your decisions and my recommendations may not help you.

Dayhiking in fair weather

Overnight trip in fair weather

Everything noted above plus:

Dayhiking in winter weather

Everything in "Dayhiking in fair weather" plus: Other potential winter items:

Overnight trip in winter weather

Everything in "Dayhiking in winter weather" plus: