Teller County Search and Rescue

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Teller County Search and Rescue us a unit based out of the Teller County Sheriffs office in Divide Colorado. We are an all volunteer team called upon for a variety of missions throughout the state of Colorado.

In March of 2004 I joined the Search and Rescue team for Teller County. I have since became a member of their High Angle Rescue Team. Teller County rarely needs such a team due to the small amount of extreme terrain in the count, however we can be called to any county if the need arises.

My final training to become a part of the HART Team was near Elevenmile Reservoir Dam.

We started by working on setting up our anchors and discussing what made certain anchors better than others.

Then we practiced rappelling using several different types of devices. This is Kurt using a brake bar.

This is me using a rescue 8.

No, nothing went wrong here. Part of the training was to go inverted.

We also practiced putting someone in a litter. Jocey was a great sport that day for putting up with being in that litter several times.

We then hooked her into a belay system.

Then of course lowered her over the edge.

The hardest part is raising the basket back up over the edge.

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