Garden of Eden Trail

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4.5 miles
Single Track out & back
Vertical Gain:
1100 ft

Topographical Map:

Elevation Profile:

From Colorado Springs head West on Highway 24 up Ute Pass Canyon. Turn left at the Pikes Peak Highway Stoplight. Stay on this road, do not turn left again to follow the Pikes Peak highway and don't take the right to get back on highway 24. Look for a pond and a gazebo on the left after 3.7 miles. Park in any of the public parking around this Pond.

The worst part of this hike is that the locals are very unwelcoming to hikers and do not want you parking near the true trailhead. You must park by the pond and hike along the road for a mile. Anyway, hike west on Ute Pass Avenue (the main road you were just driving on). Where Ute Pass Ave turns right (north) and crosses the creek, turn left onto Blevedere Ave before crossing the creek and continue West. Follow this road to its end. On the left at the end of the road will be a gate to an access road. Hike on this access road up to a bridge. Just before the bridge is a sign for the trail. It starts with a very brief steep rocky section. The falls in this area are beautiful. After a short bit of hiking you will come to an intersection at the face of a cliff. Turn right and head west along the trail. This trail is now well maintained and easily hiked. It does several switchbacks before crossing over a small ridge. On the other side of this ridge is a small hanging valley known as the Garden of Eden. In spring and early summer it is very green and has numerous wildflowers. Return the way you came.

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