Mueller State Park

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From Colorado Springs head West on Highway 24 to Divide Coloraod. Turn left at the second stoplight to head south on Highway 67. Go 3.9 miles to the signed entrance. You must pay a fee to enter, unless you are on foot. However even if on foot you are required to enter through the main gate and if you park outside the park within 2 miles of this entrance they will tow you.

There are many trails in MUeller State Park that are well labeled and the map posted is decent. The hiking is enjoyable and the views are nice. The park rangers though are very annoying. I'm pretty good at obeying the rules, but I still always get harassed by them. They once made me move my car because the edge of one tire was off of the asphalt. Frankly it's a nice park with decent park camping and hiking, but not worth the money and harassment when just the other side of highway 67 is the Crags area which is nicer and free. The Crags campground is cheaper too.

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