Garden of the Gods

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Vertical Gain:

Trail Map:
Click Here for a pdf version.

This Park is located on the West side of Colorado Springs. From I-25 take the Garden of the Gods Exit and head west on Garden of the Gods Road. Take a left at 30th street and head South for 1.4 miles. On the left hand side will be the visitor center and a right turn will take you into the park. There is a one-way loop through the park that will pass several parking areas and pull outs.

There are many trails throughout Garden of the Gods. Park at anywhere and start hiking. The main rocks are beautiful, but don't ignore some of the lesser traveled trails as they give great vistas and pass unique smaller rock formations. Please stick to official trails. The park sees a lot of visitors every year so it's important everyone have a minimal impact to preserve this gem for future generations.

Thanks to the Elliot family the park is free for all to enjoy.

The rocks rise up dramatically from the surrounding land.

Catching the sunlight at the right time makes for stunning pictures.

Do not attempt to climb without proper skills, equipment, and the free permit from the visitors center.

The view from the vistors center.

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