Horsethief Falls

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2.6 miles
Double Track/Single Track out-and-back
Vertical Gain:
655 ft

Topographical Map:

Elevation Profile:

From Divide Colorado take Highway 67 South. Follow Highway 67, and watch for an old railroad tunnel on the left side of the road. Pass the old tunnel entrance (up until a few years ago the road went through this tunnel) and go through a large cut in the hill side to the other side of the tunnel. There is a parking lot at the far side of the tunnel on the left (East) side. Park here, this is the trailhead.

The trail begins at the South end of the parking lot. After a quick pair of switch backs, the trail joins up with what used to be a road leading to Horsetheif Park. The trail is wide and easy to follow here. Follow the trail East as it gradually ascends to Horsethief Park. There are a few established camping spots here, and it is a nice area for a picnic. Continue on the trail East past a couple of trail intersections, one for the Ring the Peak trail (which heads North) and one for Pancake Rocks (which heads South). The trail will re-enter some heavy woods and become a single track before it reaches the falls. The falls area has been heavily damaged by human traffic, not much small plant life remains around the falls. They are beautiful none the less. Please tread lightly and carefully to minimize future damage to the area.

trailhead photo
This is the South side of the old tunnel next to the parking area. Sorry about the blurry picture.

trail photo
The trail is easy to follow and besides a couple of rough spots, it is in great condition.

Sentinel Point above Horsethief Park
Along the way you will be able to see Sentinel Point. This point is an excellent landmark you can use as a point of reference as you hike. This photo was taken from Horsethief Park.

trail photo
The stream that feeds the falls is fed by a small basin so in a dry fall it will only flow on rainy days. During Spring and Summer it flows constantly and is spectacular. In Winter it is usually completely covered in snow and ice.

trail photo
Bring a tripod if you want to capture some good pictures. The falls are in heavy trees and good lighting is hard to find.

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