Rainbow Gulch

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2.6 miles
Double Track out-and-back trail
Vertical Gain:
300 ft

Topographical Map:

Elevation Profile:

From Highway 24 in Woodland Park turn off of the highway at the stoplight next to McDonalds. (only one choice of direction to turn.) This road becomes Rampart Range Road. Follow this road as it takes you North through the town. After the road gets past town it will come to a Y just after some large water tanks. Take the right branch of this Y and continue to a 4-way intersection. This intersection will have a sign directing you to turn right to go towards Rampart Reservoir. Turn right. After a few miles keep an eye out for a large parking area on the left side of the road with a large fence and gate. This is the parking for Rainbow Gulch trail. (This trailhead can also be accessed from Colorado Springs via Rampart Range road out of Garden of the Gods, but this road can be very rough.)

This trail is very straightforward. Simply follow the access road that leaves from the trailhead and heads down to the reservoir and return the way you came. This road is well maintained and even works well for strollers. At one point along the road you will see a heavily traveled footpath that breaks off to the north side of the trail. Feel free to take this trail if you wish. It reconnects to the road after a short distance. It is a bit of a shortcut, but does not work to well for bikes or strollers.

trailhead photo
The parking area is large and there are signs a short ways down the trail that will let you know you are in the right place.

Trail junction
This is the trail junction where you can choose to take either the road or the single track trail.

About halfway down the trail an open aqueduct will begin. When the pumps are off the flow is just a small stream.

Aqueduct Opening
This picture was taken when the pumps for the aqueduct were on, you can see there is a lot more water coming through then.

Rampart Reservoir
When you reach the reservoir you have reached the end of Rainbow Gulch. You may continue on from here on the Rampart Reservoir Trail, however circling the reservoir adds 14 miles to this trip.

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