Red Rocks

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<1 mile
Loop Hike
Vertical Gain:
135 ft

Topographical Map:

Elevation Profile:

From Woodland Park head north on highway 67. Look for the Red Rocks Campground sign on the right side of the road and turn into that entrance. Follow this dirt road as it heads East. After a third of a mile the road will reach a Y intersection, take the right branch. Very quickly after taking this right you will see a small parking area next to a log fence on the right side of the road. Park here.

From the trailhead look for the opening in the log fence and walk through there. There a several paths in the area, but all lead to the Red Rocks. After a short distance, these trails meet up with a closed road beneath some power lines. Follow this road uphill until you see the Red Rock formations on the left. From here I simply recommend you begin exploring the area. There are no well defined trails, and plenty of coves and caverns to explore. If you get disoriented and become unsure how to return to your vehicle. The answer is simply, head downhill. This will take you back to a trail or road that will lead to your vehicle.

Note 1: Look for two logs that are leaning against a large wall and into a crack. If you manage to climb these logs and squeeze through the crack, you will enter a hidden room in the Red Rocks. The room is large enough for a dozen people, and the walls surrounding it are 30 feet high.

Note 2: Unfortunately this are is not visited enough by people who can appreciate the beauty and so it is not uncommon to find the remains of a teenage drinking party. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take some trash out with you when you leave. This area is getting better, but still needs some cleanup.

trailhead photo
The parking area is small and unlabeled, but this fence is easy to spot from the road. (Sorry about the picture, it's hard to get good lighting in the trees.)

First view of the Rocks
This will be the first sighting you have of the rocks. These rocks are hidden in the trees, which makes them much more fun to explore.

Trees and Rock wall
The tall trees and rocks will make you feel quite small as you wander between them.

Hidden Cove
This is an example of one of the coves that can be explored. Many lead to a dead end, while others will take you to the other side of the rocks.

Rocks and Trees
Finding a way to get on top of the rocks is a bit of a challenge, but the views are rewarding. The contrast of the Red Rocks sticking up amoung huge evergreens is very interesting.

Thunder Butte
From the tops of the rocks you can see Thunder Butte to the Northwest

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