Seven Bridges Trail

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4.75 miles
Single Track out-and-back
Vertical Gain:
1600 ft

Topographical Map:

Elevation Profile:

From the Southern intersection of I-25 and Nevada in Colorado Springs, take Nevada South to Cheyenne Blvd and turn West. Follow Cheyenne Blvd West for 2.8 miles and turn right onto North Cheyenne Canyon Road. Follow North Cheyenne Canyon Road for 3.2 miles to the large parking lot just beyond the end of the paved road. The trailhead is on the north end of the parking lot. Though this parking lot has been made larger in recent years it can still be packed on a nice day.

Leave the TH and head west along what was once a narrow gauge railroad bed that hauled ore from Cripple Creek to colorado Springs for processing. After 7 tenths of a mile the trail will cross over North Cheyenne Creek. Look for a trail on the right immediately after crossing the stream. This is the beginning of the Seven Bridges Trail. It is not labeled, but there is a sign marking distances. Bridge 1 comes very early in the trail and is quickly followed by bridge 2. The bridges are all in great shape and the trail is well maintained. There creek constantly cascades down the valley through the rugged terrain, and flows much stonger in the spring than in the fall. The trail is fairly well shaded by the trees the entire way. The hike has a constant and gentle gain that makes it great for a 2 to 3 hour trip. Seven Bridges Trail ends in Jones park where you can take a variety of other trails if you wish to do more hiking.

The parking lot at the trailhead.

The old narrow gauge railroad bed makes for easy hiking.

Crossing North Cheyenne Creek on old Gold Camp Road.

The beginning of Seven Bridges Trail.

The mileage post at the beginning of Seven Bridges Trail.

The first bridge.

Bridge 2.

Bridge 3.

Bridge 4.

Bridge 5.

Bridge 6.

And finally Bridge 7.

The trail does hold snow later into the year than Colorado Springs, but it's usually all gone by May.

The cascading creek.

The steep and loose valley walls of Cheyenn Canyon.

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